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Past Presidents of the Stockgrowers












Front Row: Rod Childers, Jim Stilson, Pat Wortman, Doug Tippett, Wilfred Daggett, Jeanie Mallory, Grant Warnock, Dave Parker, Todd Nash

Back Row: Scott McClaran, Phil Shepard, Skye Krebs, Charlie Warnock, Scott Shear, Melvin Brink, Perry Johnston, Bidan Tippett and Bob Morse

Wallowa County Stockgrowers had a float in the parade at the OCA Centennial Celebration in Baker City.   There were 18 past presidents of the local Stockgrowers that rode on the float.  It was a good time by all.



Stockgrowers Rodeo

The annual Stockgrowers’ Rodeo this year  is August 17, 2013.  Rodeo events will consist of 4-person teams to compete in branding, team roping, sorting and doctoring.  There will also be events for the children again such as wild ewe milking and stick-horse race.  There will also be the horse working, the dog working and the horse races.  The schedule and the signup will be posted at a later date.  The Rodeo Committee is working on shortening the total time of the rodeo and still make it fun for the participants and the audience.  Hope to see you there.

Annual Workshop & Scholarship Dinner

The Wallowa County Stockgrowers held their livestock information and scholarship fund raising dinner and auction on Wednesday, January 23rd, at the Cloverleaf Hall.  The presentation and the dinner were open to everyone.

Ron Richard, Meat Sciences U of I Professor, gave a presentation on the new cuts of beef and how to prepare them.  Approximately 10 people attended this and also the Enterprise FFA.

At 6:00 p.m. that night the annual Scholarship Dinner began.  Over $6000 was raised for the Stockgrowers Scholarship Fund.  A big thank you to all those who bought items, donated money and helped put the event together.





Rodeo Committee – Bred Heifer

It started a couple years ago when the Rodeo Committee
decided to use the proceeds from the August rodeo to give to an FFA member to
buy a bred heifer.    This year they
choose to do a bred heifer and two heifer calves.  To help pay for this there some stockgrowers
donated money to help.
The FFA members fill out an application with a couple of
questions on them.  They then go before a
sub-committee of 4 stockgrowers for an interview.   The
winners for 2012 were:
Bryce Melville – Wallowa FFA – Winner of the bred heifer
Justin Exon – Enterprise FFA – Winner of a heifer calf
Whitney Evans – Joseph FFA – Winner of a heifer calf
Congratulations to the winners!

President Scott Shear congratulating Bryce Melville – bred heifer in the back

President Scott Shear congratulating Bryce Melville –
heifer in the back